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How to play:
  1. This challenge is divided into 5 levels, the more you deposit the higher level you can reach.
  2. Each time you reach a new level, you will get a better reward.
  3. After complete the challenge, you need to click "CLAIM NOW" button to submit your reward.
  4. Please ensure your account balance is lower than SGD 1 to claim the bonus and must claim within the day.
Term & Conditions :
  1. Campaign period : 26 APRIL 2022 12:00:00 PM – 31 MAY 2022 23:59:59 PM
  2. Challenge will be reset at 12AM daily, make sure to claim your reward on time.
  3. Progress bar is based on your daily total deposit amount.
  4. All the rewards amount is fixed, the higher level you reach , the greater reward you get.
  5. Every deposit must settle only consider valid, if after deposit no play consider not qualify for this challenge.
  6. System will auto forfeit all the reward of the day at 23:59:59 PM, if member's didn't claim on the day will not be able to claim back anymore.
  7. Rewards will automatically credited to main wallet, main wallet must below SGD 1 credit only able to claim and redeem next reward.
  8. All rewards only allow to claim one by one each time, unable to combine and claim together.
  9. Bonus minimum withdraw winover x3 , maximum withdraw winover x5.
  10. This promotion is not valid for 4D & 918kiss.
  11. Once submit the bonus must be claim within the day.
  12. Normal deposit need to reach at least winlose x2 to qualify for this event.